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In the field of Christian entertainment there are many choices as well as prices. The challenge is to know that your investment equates to quality! And the fact is, this decision could be the most expensive decision (good or bad) of the year.

At 4 Ace productions, we back up each of our programs with a “better than money back” GUARANTEE! If any of our programs fail to meet your expectations, the program is FREE and Brian Richards will give you $100 for wasting your time. How can we do that? It’s simple, no one has ever asked for their money back.

With over 25 years of experience we understand children and how to effectively communicate Christian messages with them. The results are notch Christian entertainment worth every penny spent!


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This program talks about the Gifts we receive from God and the expectations for those gifts!

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In this program we talk about the gift of faith and how it can transform the individual and their life!

Neverending Story Logo copy
Stories from the Bible are the focus of this program and how the Bible is always changing with us becoming the never ending story!

POwer of Prayer Logo copy
Prayer is the focus as we consider how it transforms us and one another!

Thankful Heart Logo copy
Being THANKFUL for all we have and acknowledging that Christ is the gift that keeps on giving!

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Brian is proud to share his newest program entitled Humble Blessings exploring the themes of acceptance, responsibility and GRACE!

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