Here's what they are SAYING...

The Big Snowstorm

Well, like thousands of others I dug my way out of 10 inches of the white fluffy stuff. The bad news was I had to cancel a program due to the weather. But safety first as they say. The program was in Willmar and I got about as far as St. Cloud and then it was white out conditions.
But the good news was on the ride up after the pick-up trucks went past in 4 wheel drive was the peace of driving in the snow. I know a number of people and friends reading this will think I'm nuts equating PEACE with driving in a blizzard, but it's true. If you take a moment and enjoy the snow and the silence you can find tucked inside the blizzard a "God moment". Quiet serenity and peace...

As my son got ready to leave for school this morning he turned to me and said, "Dad did you notice how quiet it was as it snowed yesterday?". I immediately linked the experience to Silent Night! Isaac felt the God moment, I hope you had a chance to do the same!

Here's to the God moments,

Brian Richards

Idea to Cut Cost of Programs...

The other day I was watching a news program drone on and on about the "fiscal cliff". Am I the only one who thinks the brain trust in Washington hasn't a clue or care about the IMPACT this will have on us all?

Well here is my economic solution for churches that would like to save some money on my speaking programs. Why not share a program with another church? If you find another church that is interested in having a program on the same day as you it could save you 20% on the fee for
each of you. The same holds true when you need more than one program for your church. With my multiple show discount you save BIG MONEY having me out.

Just a couple of ways to save bucks in these tough economic times!! Remember we are not the driver merely a passenger....

All My Best,

Brian Richards

Angel On My Shoulder...

I was given the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of my Aunt Gladys this weekend. She passed away after a long struggle with Alzheimer's the same disease that took my fathers life! It's a very cruel disease in that you have to grieve two times for the person you love. The first time as the disease takes your loved one mind and the second time when they physically die! And in the end I had to deal with my anger at the disease and the years it took from my Father.

But it all happens for a purpose and I am a better person for it. The crosses we must bear bring us closer to Christ and in the end we will all celebrate our salvation together!!

Happy Thankmas!

Just want to give a BIG thank-you to all the churches and private schools that have given me the wonderful opportunity to share my programs with them during the 2012 year. It was a very busy year and I look forward to 2013. To show my gratitude in a more tangible way check out my special Nov. - Dec. deal on the Merry Thankmas page.

All My Best,

Brian Richards